10 Expert Tips to Attract Buyers


Selling a home during the holiday season might seem challenging, but it’s an opportune time to capture serious buyers looking to make a move. Whether it’s a shift in life circumstances, a relocation, or a desire for a new climate, selling your home during the holidays can be a gift in itself. Here are ten expert tips to attract homebuyers during this festive time:

  1. Holiday Staging: Simple and Cozy
    • Decorate your home but aim for moderation. Highlight your home’s features without overwhelming them with excessive holiday decor. Use accents that enhance the house’s appeal and make it feel warm and inviting.
  2. Strategic Pricing
    • Collaborate with your agent to set a competitive price based on the market, demand, and your home’s unique features. A lower price for homes with common features or a higher one for distinctive attributes can attract more buyers.
  3. Enhanced Curb Appeal
    • Prioritize your home’s exterior appearance. Even in winter, maintain a tidy lawn, clear pathways, and remove any debris. Showcase seasonal photos to exhibit the property’s allure in different weather conditions.
  4. Safety First
    • In colder climates, ensure safety by regularly clearing snow and ice from driveways and pathways. Consider professional services for daily snow clearance to keep your property accessible for potential buyers.
  5. Professional Photography
    • Invest in professional photos before decorating for the holidays to avoid seasonal time stamps. Highlight your home’s timeless appeal in listings to attract buyers year-round.
  6. Aerial Photography
    • Consider aerial shots, showcasing unique features or amenities like vast acreage or breathtaking views. Drone photography provides a distinct perspective and can set your listing apart.
  7. Winter Charm Highlight
    • Emphasize winter-centric features like fireplaces or energy-efficient upgrades. Showcase evergreen trees or plants with outdoor lighting to accentuate a picturesque winter landscape.
  8. Light Up Your Home
    • Illuminate your house during tours and open houses. Ensure all lights are working and consider a unified soft white hue for a cozy yet well-lit interior.
  9. Flexibility for Buyers
    • Offer extended showing hours, weekend availability, and virtual tours to accommodate busy schedules or travel constraints during the holidays.
  10. Enticing Incentives
    • Provide unique incentives such as covering a portion of closing costs, offering a home warranty, or being flexible with closing dates to attract and reassure potential buyers.

Final Thoughts: Attention to detail, strategic planning, and thoughtful presentation are key in selling your home during the holiday season. From creating a warm ambiance to accommodating buyer needs, each step contributes to making your home stand out and desirable during this festive period.

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