Should I Buy Now Before Interest Rates Climb?


Housing prices continue to rise so will interest rise too so should I buy now or wait?

Interest rates have climbed to around 3.3% in New Hampshire, but it was short-lived. Not long after they dipped below the 3% mark again. It appears that interest rates will continue to remain flat, at least for 2021. Federal Chairman Jerome Powell states that monetary policies will remain lose and seeing an increase in interest rates in 2021 is unliekly.

Rates won’t see much of an increase throughout the year however, the historically low inventory is driving up prices. The question that remains is when interest rates climb does buying pressure subsides and home prices drop? Many think even if you’re asking yourself should I buy now before interest rates climb the thing to consider is how has COVID impacted supply. Industry experts believe demand will likely still be there with the influx of new Buyers from out-of-state.

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